About LaPel Solutions

LaPel Solutions focuses on developing and manufacturing state of the art brittle material grinding coolants, polishing slurries and chemical process solutions. During formulation, product engineering and manufacturing, each material is developed with performance, cost effectiveness and environmental compliance as primary considerations.

Our Vision for the Future

LaPel Solutions vision of the future means striving each day to be world class in all we do. Developing state of the art solutions for our customer's polishing, production and quality issues means never following the path of simple competitive imitation. Ground breaking innovation can only be turned into real time solutions by listening carefully and responding each day to the ever changing production and environmental requirements of our forward thinking customers.

Once a final solution has been developed and proven to solve the technical issue at hand, it is manufactured with creative thought and attention to detail toward innovation, quality and consistency, as well as on time delivery.

At LaPel Solutions we engineer solutions for your current and future polishing and process needs, not simply manufacture products to sell to you. Thank for your interest in LaPel Solutions.