Many of today´s products are packaged in paper bags or corrugated boxes. With increasing automation, more stringent requirements are needed in the transport and storage of packaged products. It is expected by manufacturers, packagers and transportation companies that bags and boxes stacked on a pallet will remain in position and not shift about during transport and warehousing. To enable this, boxes and bags need to have an adequate level of static friction at the surface.

Nowadays, it is common to see boxes and bags printed in various colors, not simply for content identification, but for brand recognition, consumer appeal and advertising. The inks used in the printing process often reduce the static friction of the paper bag’s surface.

To regain friction, aqueous highly formulated silica dispersions can be applied during or after the printing process to increase the coefficient of static friction to a more suitable level. In addition, print ghosting and build up on the machine are reduced by using LaPel Paper Solutions fractionizing products. The grades LP30, B16 and M55  commonly utilized in multi wall sack plants, corrugated box plants and at the OCC mill level as a surface frictionizers to dramatically increase static surface friction. The dispersion is typically diluted and can be sprayed onto the surface or applied with rollers, sponges and/ or rods. These grades are specifically formulated to minimize build up (spray nozzles) and enhance equipment clean-up. This allows consistent application rates, encourages long run times and requires minimal clean-up time after usage all at highly economic rates.